You rescued me to do what…?!

Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. (AWDRI) is a non-profit organisation that — as its name suggests! — rescues working dog breeds (including from pounds) and re-homes them. It operates in WA, SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.
For those unfamiliar with working dogs, think these breeds: Australian Kelpies (the best, not that I’m biased… :), Australian Cattle Dogs, Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, Australian Koolies and mixes of all those.
Couldn’t resist re-posting this from their Facebook page.
marketing copywriting  You rescued me to do what?
Bulla, rescued today, went straight from the pound to the vet to get his work done. He’ll wake up happy, but the room will have a roof.
It’s almost like he knows… :)
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