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Is this the best portmanteau word?

The best portmanteau word

I love portmanteau words. Everyone knows “laundromat” (launder + automatic), or “camcorder” (camera + recorder), but what about “glocalise” (global + local)? It’s when a product is widely available, but adapted for each local area or market. It was author

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Pop neither hopped on nor popped

Sometimes people just love to complain. And those that do, probably love complaining about people who complain. I love the people who don’t read something properly, and complain anyway. (Well, actually, they annoy me intensely, but I love reading about

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The niceties of spam

The great thing about Web 2 is the opportunity to interact with people — your “tribe”, your target market, whatever you’d like to call them. Then, of course, it gives those not in your tribe the opportunity to interact as well.

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Throwing the dog out with the … bathwater

A friend sent me this pic today and it seemed like an excellent way to clearly illustrate “say what you mean”! Years ago, another friend’s uncle was fined for fishing from a bridge. He took the matter to court to prove

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Are you ‘frustapated’?

Coining words is not new. Several have been attributed to the great William Shakespeare, while former US-president-wanna-be, Sarah Palin, also coined a word: refudiate. (Maybe she took it from the US comedies “Modern Family” and “Raising Hope”, which include some

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