Happy 2014 and ‘buon anno’

Another very early MS...

Happy 2014!

If you’re like 41% of us, you made a New Year’s resolution. And if you made the same resolution last year, fear not: research has shown that  less than 15% of us who made a resolution had actually made the inroads we hoped for — and that’s two years later.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Probably so I can’t break them and then feel terrible. What I did do is set aside time to plan. And that, apparently, is the key to success with resolutions (see, I feel better already).

Another key is to do what you love. And still others are to break down your goals into bite-size pieces, and celebrate when you achieve those. It also helps to tell other people what your goals are so you can be accountable. Sort of like meeting a friend for a run; you can let yourself down, but you can’t let them down.


:) Foxes, carrots and books

As a professional copywriter, I have the beginnings of a few (okay, many) manuscripts that I’ve belted out parts of over the years. They range from humorous for young adults to murder mysteries (for definite adults) to fairy-fantasies for ‘tweens.

I’d love to actually finish one — apart from Mr Fox’s Carrots, which I “wrote” when I was 4. (Not sure where I got the idea for carrots, although we grew a few, or for foxes — which were not welcome on our property — can’t say it’s long, or comprehensive, but, it is the only finished MS …)

As someone into languages, I’ve always said I’d learn the second language being taught at our primary school: Italian. Having studied French via distance learning at uni — after I finished my “real degree” (ag science) — I still think I can get away with the fact they’re similar enough, both being Latin-based Romance languages. That’s worked well so far, but I think I’m about to discover they’re not similar enough. Si? Si…

In the meantime, I’ve taught myself the very basics of Indonesian with these great resources, and according to native speakers, have “pintar Bahassa” (which means they think I’m okay at it). I’m past the days of saying “fish are falling from the sky” (the words for “fish” and “rain” are surprisingly similar) and “what are you grilling?” instead of “how are you?” (again, surprisingly similar…really…), so it’s time to step up with one of them. For some reason I have a block around Italian, but I do feel terribly proud when I can greet the Italian teacher each morning with more than “ciao”. So far it’s not much more, but “slightly more” is pretty good! I greatly admire people who know how to speak several languages.

In a nutshell, my aims for 2014 are to:

  • write, finish and publish a book
  • learn Italian
  • post regularly (I tell and help my clients to do this…it’s like the mechanic’s car!)
  • keep copywriting — I love it

Just like that, the first three sound pretty scary — too big! (Although I have now told you, so I’m part-way to success…) To make them less scary, and somewhat achievable, I’ll have to do the old break-them-down thing. Think I’ll enjoy the celebrate-them thing, too.

I remember a rather blunt-talking lady saying to me a while ago that if I wanted the same results, keep doing the same thing. Ouch! I know this — everyone knows this — but when someone else says it to you, it has impact. Plus she’s highly successful and has been appointed a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AM) for furthering women’s issues nationally.

So, Lynette, consider me listening. :)

For now, “buon anno” or even “felice anno nuovo”.

In case I’ve mucked those up, I’m meaning to say “happy new year” in Italian.

But of course, this time next year, I’ll know exactly how to say it.

At my book launch…


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