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Ever wanted a tail made from bok choi?

The data swirling our planet is nearly palpable. We’re inundated by it. Besieged even. According to Complex Tech, more than 5,700 tweets are sent every second — that’s 500 million a day. Every day. And ITU International says more than

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May I refer you to the most misspelled word?

I came across a piece the other day suggesting that the most misspelled word in English is “referrer”. That’s on the internet, anyway, where it’s apparently spelt incorrectly 25% more than it is correctly! According to word legend Anu Garg

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Throwing the dog out with the … bathwater

A friend sent me this pic today and it seemed like an excellent way to clearly illustrate “say what you mean”! Years ago, another friend’s uncle was fined for fishing from a bridge. He took the matter to court to prove

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There’s a bear in there… how spelling can affect your message

I’m reading a book at the moment, written by a high-flying business woman. It’s really, really inspirational. But. There are spelling boo boos in there. And they’re putting me off it. I know I should just try to absorb the

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Are you ‘frustapated’?

Coining words is not new. Several have been attributed to the great William Shakespeare, while former US-president-wanna-be, Sarah Palin, also coined a word: refudiate. (Maybe she took it from the US comedies “Modern Family” and “Raising Hope”, which include some

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