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Here’s your gold star…

Just received this lovely note from the editor of Rural Business magazine. As he says, there’s not much of a prize, but it’s always rewarding and encouraging to receive great feedback. :) (Plus it’s peace of mind for clients they’ve

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The niceties of spam

The great thing about Web 2 is the opportunity to interact with people — your “tribe”, your target market, whatever you’d like to call them. Then, of course, it gives those not in your tribe the opportunity to interact as well.

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How to really annoy people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fabulous business directory and connection tool. But it’s like any other networking means: if you approach it the wrong way, it won’t work — it can send you south instead of north, if you like. Lately, my thoughts

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You can take this book and eat it

Ever read a book you just loved so much, you could eat it? Me either. But now you can. The Real Cookbook [1] is claimed to be the first cookbook that you can read — then eat. It was designed as part of

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Throwing the dog out with the … bathwater

A friend sent me this pic today and it seemed like an excellent way to clearly illustrate “say what you mean”! Years ago, another friend’s uncle was fined for fishing from a bridge. He took the matter to court to prove

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Even if you write badly, will people still get your message?

Actually, what might be a better question is: even if you write badly, will people still think highly of your company and want its products or services?  That depends on several factors.  1) Supplier numbers  If your business niche is

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That annual report is just plain … rubbish

In the past few weeks, I’ve finished annual reports for a couple of clients. For a sprinkling of copywriters and editors, annual report season is “cue eyeball roll”. (No doubt that never translates to the readership…) I love these types

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What’s the marketing message from Lance Armstrong?

Or… Rule 101 in marketing: even if your product sucks, don’t lie Even if you’re not into cycling, you’ve no doubt heard that Lance Armstrong is a cheat. That he won his seven Tour de France titles by using drugs. And

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How to follow your own advice

Even though I really love my job, I recently read Joanna Penn’s book, “How to Love Your Job or Find a New One”. Penn is an author I admire — not just for her writing skills, and the ease with which

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He was ‘hard rubbished’: when a noun is a verb (or just an intransitive one)

Like plenty of other sports-loving Aussies, I’ve sat up many nights watching the Olympics — often through one eye, which is only partly open, but watching nonetheless. (The other eye is resting so it can do the dawn shift.) What

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