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May I refer you to the most misspelled word?

I came across a piece the other day suggesting that the most misspelled word in English is “referrer”. That’s on the internet, anyway, where it’s apparently spelt incorrectly 25% more than it is correctly! According to word legend Anu Garg

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There’s a bear in there… how spelling can affect your message

I’m reading a book at the moment, written by a high-flying business woman. It’s really, really inspirational. But. There are spelling boo boos in there. And they’re putting me off it. I know I should just try to absorb the

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‘Definately’ thicker than some…

An article in the paper this morning reminded me that the word “definitely” is one of the most misspelt words in the English language. The piece in the Herald Sun newspaper, entitled “Definately rong”, reported that Mencap, a UK learning

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“Death by nouning”

Most of us know what “insecticide”, “homicide” and possibly “regicide” are, but what about “genericide”? Genericide is what happens to product names when they become so commonly used they’re just part of the vernacular. They’re no longer proper nouns —

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