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Is this the best portmanteau word?

The best portmanteau word

I love portmanteau words. Everyone knows “laundromat” (launder + automatic), or “camcorder” (camera + recorder), but what about “glocalise” (global + local)? It’s when a product is widely available, but adapted for each local area or market. It was author

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May I refer you to the most misspelled word?

I came across a piece the other day suggesting that the most misspelled word in English is “referrer”. That’s on the internet, anyway, where it’s apparently spelt incorrectly 25% more than it is correctly! According to word legend Anu Garg

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Here’s your gold star…

Just received this lovely note from the editor of Rural Business magazine. As he says, there’s not much of a prize, but it’s always rewarding and encouraging to receive great feedback. :) (Plus it’s peace of mind for clients they’ve

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The niceties of spam

The great thing about Web 2 is the opportunity to interact with people — your “tribe”, your target market, whatever you’d like to call them. Then, of course, it gives those not in your tribe the opportunity to interact as well.

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Throwing the dog out with the … bathwater

A friend sent me this pic today and it seemed like an excellent way to clearly illustrate “say what you mean”! Years ago, another friend’s uncle was fined for fishing from a bridge. He took the matter to court to prove

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