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Is this the best portmanteau word?

The best portmanteau word

I love portmanteau words. Everyone knows “laundromat” (launder + automatic), or “camcorder” (camera + recorder), but what about “glocalise” (global + local)? It’s when a product is widely available, but adapted for each local area or market. It was author

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Is ‘letting go’ a load of rubbish?

copywriting Marie Kondo

We’re not yet 1/12th of the way into the year, but it still has the “fresh” feel — certainly fresher than a glass of bubbly left by the pool for too long. The new year is notoriously the time when

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Once in a blue moon

once in a blue moon

Right now, “once in a blue moon” could describe my blogging. :) So what’s pushed this blog? Well, tomorrow there will be what’s called “blue moon”. Like most “wordies”, I love knowing where words come from. Rather than something a

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You rescued me to do what…?!

Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. (AWDRI) is a non-profit organisation that — as its name suggests! — rescues working dog breeds (including from pounds) and re-homes them. It operates in WA, SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. For those unfamiliar with working

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Pop neither hopped on nor popped

Sometimes people just love to complain. And those that do, probably love complaining about people who complain. I love the people who don’t read something properly, and complain anyway. (Well, actually, they annoy me intensely, but I love reading about

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Should you send lumpy mail? Or be a pants-on-fire?

In marketing, the idea is to cut through the other 4,999 messages that people are exposed to a day. According to CBS News in America, people are bombarded with 5,000 messages daily, which is up from 500 in the 1970s.

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An e-mail from Telstra…

I had a wonderful surprise at the end of last year. An e-mail popped into my inbox from Telstra. Since we were moving house — and I was moving my office as well (why not?!) – I initially thought it

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Happy 2014 and ‘buon anno’

Happy 2014! If you’re like 41% of us, you made a New Year’s resolution. And if you made the same resolution last year, fear not: research has shown that  less than 15% of us who made a resolution had actually made the

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Ever wanted a tail made from bok choi?

The data swirling our planet is nearly palpable. We’re inundated by it. Besieged even. According to Complex Tech, more than 5,700 tweets are sent every second — that’s 500 million a day. Every day. And ITU International says more than

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Veggie Day: sensible? Or politics at its ‘wurst’?

Political parties come up with some wacky-sounding ideas every now and then. Particularly around election time. But if you think the lead-up to the Australian election is all a bit of a yawn fest for its predictability, you may like

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