An e-mail from Telstra…

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I had a wonderful surprise at the end of last year.

An e-mail popped into my inbox from Telstra.

Since we were moving house — and I was moving my office as well (why not?!) – I initially thought it was about the move.  And my initial thoughts weren’t all that positive. Despite the fact that I reckon at least one household, out of a population of 23, 378, 507 people according to the latest ABS figures, would move every day in this country, to move telephony services was far from simple. That very first phone call to a call centre far, far away, where, after 55 mins, Joanne told me, “for your expectation, Samantha, you will have to call back…”.. had me, shall we say… annoyed. Or frustrated. Or frustapated. And, just really, really confused… Wasn’t my expectation when I rang to move all telephony services?

Feeling less than generous of spirit when I clicked on the e-mail (but slightly better than when I delete invitations to claim my inheritance from my Nigerian uncle), it all soon melted away, because this is what I read:

Dear Samantha, You have been nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. The Awards celebrate the extraordinary achievements of inspirational women in business. The opportunities for finalists and winners can be life-changing, through mentoring, speaking roles and networking with an elite alumni community.

The next bit said the person who nominated me wished to stay anonymous… I have since asked a couple of people, but not the right ones. So, I decided to stop asking and just enjoy the deliciousness of someone who thinks highly enough of me to nominate me.

To say I felt as excited as when I made the first lot of jam from our own trees — not the orchard down the road — is an understatement. (Although that jam was good!) Were butterflies taking my blood around my body instead of my heart pumping? Probably! Wow! Me!

I was so excited — and really quite chuffed and honoured. I’ve only told a couple of people (hello world now!), not wanting to sound all self-important. But I don’t really think it’s about that. I really do think it’s about recognising one’s achievements. Only one of the friends I told warned me it mightn’t amount to anything and the award people would be looking for bigger operations, who’d really “done more”. I know they were trying to shield me from failure, but luckily it only took the gloss off for a little while. I don’t think you can go into awards like this thinking “they’ll never pick me”.

So I’m not. I’m truly going in with the view that’s on the front of the infopack: “the awards ask you to reflect on your business and personal journey and help you to identify goals”. Perfect.

So, to the person who was kind enough, and thoughtful enough, to nominate me: thank you. I’m really going to enjoy this.



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