Who we believe in

Well, we believe in a lot of things (even the Tooth Fairy, who’s had no luck whatsoever getting any teeth from the Easter Bunny …), but here are some organisations that particularly touch our hearts. We’re proud supporters of:

* Garvan Institute: breakthrough medical research. A best friend’s dad died of pancreatic cancer a couple of years ago. Garvan is developing an artificial pancreas (for those with diabetes) among a host of other amazing pieces of research. I love sport, but who said researchers aren’t the true heros?!

* Kiva: a non-profit group facilitating micro-loans to alleviate poverty. For our first loan we chose a mother of four who lives in rented premises; she wanted the funds to buy toys to sell at Christmas. Payments have always been on time (with some borrowers they aren’t), and, in our opinion, it was 25 bucks well spent.

* Manningham Centre Association: a not-for-proft aged care organisation that treats the elderly as real people. Hopefully we’re all lucky enough to reach old age — wouldn’t it be nice to know we’ll be respected then?

* The Salvos: ever not had enough food on the table or a dearth of pressies under the tree? Enough said!

* Wildlife Victoria: I’ve always been a sucker for animals — my first duck was a “kindergarten reject” and our dogs (not that they’re native…) have always been free-to-a-good-home types (mainly from farms — but Rum came from the pub!). Wildlife Victoria responds to some 60,000 calls a year about sick, injured and orphaned wildlife — and that’s just the ones they know about, and just in Victoria! I took over decorating a cousin’s engagement cake once, when her mum just couldn’t balance the feeding wombat his four-hourly bottle with a smooth icing job. The icing turned out well, but donating here turns out even better. :)