About The Word :) Co.’s Clients

Clients cover a range of industries, are typically small to medium businesses (plus a sprinkling of large corporates), and need targeted communication skills — just not full-time, in house.

Here are some other facts Sam’s discovered about her clients:

  • many of them get the edge in Scrabble using her “word of the moment”
  • …or at least get a good chuckle out of them
  • they know they will get a piece of writing that’s correct for spelling, grammar, style and syntax
  • they might not always know when a verb should be conjugated in a plural or singular sense
  • they know they do not have to be “up with all that” themselves (peace of mind in leaving it to the expert)
  • they all appreciate good communication and value having an “extra member of their team” to call upon when needed
  • they know Sam will rarely correct spelling mistakes on birthday cards (really rarely)

Using The Word Co. and Sam’s specialist skills lets you use your own in the most effective way: building and enhancing your business.
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